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  1. Grant RePlurk access to your timeline

  2. It's best to open this web app in desktop browser.

  3. It will took approx. 10 minutes to download your timeline and your data will be processed locally.

  4. Note for mobile user! An authorization error may occur when opening this web app in mobile phone with official Plurk app installed. When it happens, please refresh this page and manually open "Grant Access" in new tab.

    IMPORTANT! It's advisable to logout after you finish using this web app. Other than session data, this web app didn't store any of your Plurk data in the server.


Made with in TLV

This web app doesn't have any affiliation with Plurk HQ. All of your data from Plurk are processed locally in your browser via web api proxy. If there's some copyrighted materials that shouldn't be in this web app, feel free to contact me for removal

You can clone this web app source code from GitHub