Hello, my name is Dwan

I'm a UI/UX Designer and Strategist

a.k.a. Web Designer in Steroid

Now I'm a Freelancer in Tel Aviv

doing mostly interface design consultation and various hobbist open source projects

Before Web Designer

I did many of things in the past, like becoming Macromedia Flash Expert, Database Programmer, Creative Director, Chief Creative Officer, and Chief Information Officer among others.

- Not pictured

Dwan riding canoe

Would You Like To Say Hi!?

I happen to live in in Tel Aviv-Yafo right now. If you happened to know any Indonesian living in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Mr. Goat wants to meet them. Other then that, if you wanted to work with me feel free to say hi.

This is Mr. Goat

Mr. Goat

He's a vietnamese

He got this neckles in NYC

He likes to eat fancy food

He travel all over the world

you can check his instagram here

and 13 Years Ago

My friend and I decide to create Sagara, an I.T. Solutions company based in Jakarta, where I work there full-time since 2010 until I moved to Tel Aviv. I still own small part of the company and act as their business partner right now.

More about sagara.id