Weekend Project

Waterpark is RePlurk 🤷‍♂️

RePlurk is a web app that I created to review my plurk account in graphical and interesting way. You can also use it if you have plurk account. Long story short it's a Dashboard.

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I bet you're wondering

What is Plurk? 👀

A very long time ago, when human started creating web 2.0, there were several social media born at that time. Plurk is one of them.

Plurk have all the fun of timeline based update and emoticons and responses long before other social media did that. But it didn't reach mass addoption like other, but instead it grew into a niche.

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RePlurk - Page 14 - by Dwan

Just like a cat

Hand Coded From Scratch 🐈

Just like a cat who like to scratch, I created this web app using pure JavaScript code. I use no framework and also with minimum overhead library. Same like this website actually. With that, the web app should run fast.

RePlurk - Page 1 - by Dwan

Design Concept

Controlled Randomness 🎰

A wise man (me) said that universes were created randomly, but it was a controlled randomness. Therefore the colors of each blocks of this web app were randomly choosen, but the randomness were controlled to prevent unreadable text.

RePlurk - Controlled Randomness - 1 - by Dwan RePlurk - Controlled Randomness - 2 - by Dwan RePlurk - Controlled Randomness - 3 - by Dwan RePlurk - Controlled Randomness - 4 - by Dwan RePlurk - Controlled Randomness - 5 - by Dwan RePlurk - Controlled Randomness - 6 - by Dwan

Well, It's Not Actually

A Weekend Project 👷

I dedicated my free time to create this app. This is a labour of love from me to the Plurk community that have been with me over the past 15 years. Enjoy the screenshoot of my Plurk statistics if you didn't have plurk account.

RePlurk - All Block - by Dwan

RePlurk - Page Thank Your - by Dwan