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Last monday I have gone to Gresik, and as usually when I gone to Gresik on the weekend I gone somewhere. For this weekend I gone to Kederi visiting my sister and my nephew. As I had planed to gone at 8 o'clock I woke up at 5 o'coclk as usually, thanks to my beloved mobile phone ringed when the time is 5 o'clock. So I gone to the bathroom and take wudlu before I done my morning pray.

It was 6 o'clock when I finished that morning routine. I sat on the chair wacthed morning show on the TV, soon when the house keeping had served the brakfast, I gone breakfast. While I'm had ate I'm wacthed the TV untill 7 o'clock. Then I had gone to the bathroom and took shower. And right when the time is almost 8 o'clock I had finished preaparing all the thins I had to carry. After that I gone out to the street.

I gone walk to the gate of the Petrokimia housing complex. Than I saw the Becak, the only Becak on that gate. So I just go there and told the Becak Driver to drove to the BCA. Several minutes leter, I had arrived on BCA. I asked the Becak Driver, how much. I didn't know what his teeling, so I just gueast it's Rp 3000. So I took off the money that I had prepared before I left the house, I prepare Rp 4000. So I just gave that Rp 4000 for the Becak Driver and than I left him and gone to the bank. First of all I had to pay electricity bill, water bill and telephone bill, I show this touchscreen machine so I payed there, after that I do to the regular machine to toke Rp 50.000 from my bank account. After that I gone out the bank and I walk a little bit until there was Angkot and I stop it then I gone inside. I drop on the Kebomus crossing street. There, I wait a little bit and found out there was a taxi on the other side of the street. I stop it, it was Blue Bird Group's taxi, luckly for me I guess. Then I told to the driver, "Bungurasih, Sir". Then we had a little chat. Then 1-1,5 hour letter I arrived on Bungurasih bus station. For that, it cost me Rp 105.000 not bad, it will hurt me for about 2 days in Gresik (My allowence in Gresik is Rp 50.000 each day).

Damn, I already wrote a half of this post but (lame me) I didn't do a little backup and as soon I save this posting I had to relogin and found out that the story that I had wrote gone. But (whatever) I'm gonna write it again (this time I do a little backup).

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