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Trip To Kediri

Hmm, where did I start. Last saturday I go to Kediri again. Actually I only had Rp 66.000,- in my pocket, I planned to take some money from my Mandiri Syariah ATM on friday, but I forgot the password. But I had planed this trip and nothing gonna changed this. So on Saturday I go to Kediri first I go to BSM ATM, because the prev day after Friday Sholat I suddenlly realize my password. Well, I didn't go to BSM ATM cause there is no BSM ATM in Gresik so I walked from BSM Bank to nearest Mandiri Bank, the I took Rp 300.000,- I felt that I had betrayed my promised not to use my money in BSM. But well I'm in the low of cash.

For the first time I managed to use public transportation (not taxi) all the way to Kediri. The my sister pick me up with motorsycle. The stupid thing is, because it was rain, so I toke cover on large umbrella behind people, my sister tell me that she had turn around tried to found me, because I'm behind people she didn't she me. But after all the people left finally she found me.

When I'm in the bus to Kediri i realize that I always sat on the third sit from behind and always on the right side, so when I go to Gresik from Kediri, I took the different sit.

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