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The 6th Series

Last night I'm in the rush, in the rush to finish my read. A read for Harry Potter book the 6th. And I tough it only left 3 more chapter, but soon I realize there are 6 chapter left. But because I'm in the rush, the rust to finished read Harry Potter the 6th book, I force myself reading that untill it was 24:00 at the night when I finished read all. And something happens at that story, as I reach the end of the chapter the story become more sad, I almost cried and it ended like the unfinished story. Everything looks sad on that story. But it was perfect story to let me waiting for the 7th series come maybe next year. Everything went not like that I supposed to guess. I'm still felt the sadnest, I guess I'm to in to the story. But I had a hint that Harry Potter story will end at the 7th series. Hope I still here to read that.

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