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Stupid Story

Wednesday 120106, something wierd happen. When I'm standing waiting for Metromini 75 and wondering "I had Rp 3000, if I use Metromini tomorrow I will use Rp 50.000 just for paying Kopaja 66. Should I walk or not?". There they are, those tough keep rounding my head. And then a Avanza slowing its speed. Then the driver open its window and ask me, "Where is Taman Alfa Indah?". So I answer "Just keep stright, then you will find Hero supermarket on the left. Then the driver give me this line that I never expect, "Where are you goin'? would you like to hicthhacker". Whow, I happily accept his invitation. Not only I will save Rp 2000, I also can ride on advanza. :P (Stupid story)

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