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Apperantly I didn't continue the last post, I guess I had no time tough I'm not. This morning I had this big smile and a little disappoint because I had an email from the Big Guy that I'm will go home next saturday, I disapoint because He said that I will go home this friday. After a while there was a phone, a cursed phone call that it had to be canceled, what no home. I'm almost "explode", but what the hack. And at the afternoon there was another cursed sms saying that I will go home on 13. What the matter whit that guy. Well I'm still calm, I replay his sms telling him that there will be a wedding party on next sunday and I attanded to come to that party. Stay calm is what I did, and apparently there was another sms (not on my phone) saying, yes please buy that damn ticket. He let me go home, patient make result. I had planed to call the Big Guy at 16:00 but the sms came first. So no home? NO

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Very informative blog
Sun August 29, 2010, 06:03:05
I am doing something of the same interest and will be taking note on this .Thanks.