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August 9 06. On that day I planed myself to go to Plaza Senayan to buy contact lens cleaner. But a friend of mine chated to me and at the end of the conversation, we agree to ate lunch in PS. There, I bought Donner Kebab, I supposed to treat them but I'm not. After lunch I supposed to buy contact lens cleaner but I didn't.

August 11 06. Because I didn't not treat them on the last lunch, we planed (again) to ate lunch together. This time we choose Plaza Semanggi. We ate at warung podjok. I supposed to buy contact lens cleaner but I didn't. And I suppose to treat them but I didn't. But finnaly I bought those "Krupuk Upil" from Kediri and I gave it to her.

August 15 06. Me and my firend in the office had aplaned to ate lunch in PS at that day. Again I order some menu in Doner Kebab.

What a waste of money (cause I paid more than Rp 35.000 for a lunch, alone), but I hope not and I'm glad I'm not eating on those American fast food.

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