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Just Late

This morning, wondering in my bed, is it already 5 am? Too lazy to woke up, but I finnally woke up in call of my alarm. It was 5 am and I had to prepare my self for my travel to Gresik. Well, thank full my sister help me, she cooked my breakfast. Last night I called Blue Bird taxi, while I'm showered, my brother inlaw get out to find that taxi. You know, my house is hidden from the main street. After my shower, I done a little pack for my bath stuff. Then I ate my breakfats, it was a Pasto. Then, when I had enough my brakfast the taxi came. I rush my self, and it was 5:30 in the morning, I said goodbye to my sister and Kamila, couse my rush, I did't handshaked her, and kiss Kamila. But, I handshake my brother in law. I came in to the taxi, as the taxi roll, I show my sister stand not far behind the taxi, she walked to the taxi, but it was to late. My taxi had run, I see Kamila in my brother in law arm. A little bit sad, cause is not a proper goodbye.

I finnaly arrived at the airport, at 06:30. My plane was 06:45. It was full with people. I had to take a long line to enter the airport for check in. At the time I check in, it was already late. How come? Well the time limit for the check in is 45 minutes before the departure, and i came 30 minute before. Is it because the long line? or Am I that late? The office from Adam Air telled me to reorder my ticket so I go to the Adam Air counter that is not far from the check in place. I had to take 9:30 flight and pay Rp 160.000 more. Luckly I bought my mother ATM, because there is no money left on my ATM. After that I wait for the time to check in in that Adam Air counter. At 07:30, I left that counter for check in. Still empty, only few people are check in. After that I wait on the waiting room, I manage to take some picture of the waiting room. Well, is a goog experience, to not late again if you are flying with Adam Air.

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Fri August 26, 2011, 08:17:53
Good to see a tlneat at work. I can't match that.