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Redesign this web

By DwAN on 14-Jul-06 07:00. Comments (0)

Since I had nothing to do on the weekend. I start to redesign this website. Add and substact more content, simplify the navigation and get rid of those annoying page that had not been done. I had plan for the new look, new content and the new bla-bla. I hope it will be done at the end of Agust. Wish me luck!


By DwAN on 13-May-06 07:00. Comments (1)

It was confusion of illusion...(Chicken Little)

I guess I'm a little bit confuse over this month. But where can I start to write this. OK, it starts from April 10 2006, it was the last week I work in ASP. At that week there to many holiday and I got only 3 work days at that week. Because that 3 work days, I gone to the office using a taxi. Where did my mind is. I know that over the next month I wouldn't had a salary to support myself, and I use that last money to spend on something that I didn't need. But on the second tough, it was OK, because I was suppose to be that.

Beside that I finally bought 2 packs of contact lens, this is for the replacement for my glasses that had been scattered, I tough it will cost my a big bucks, but it was a reasonable price, considering I bought dis possible contact lens for 1 month, and a pack consist of 6 contact lens, so I had 12 contact lens to be worn on the next 6 month. And it cost me Rp 260 grand. But the next week I broke one of the contact lens that I only worn for about 1 week. So I had to change both of them, to make me easier to replace over the next month. It was my mistake, that I didn't carefully place my contact lens in the soaking place. It was ripped out by the the top cover of the soaking place.

The same day when I broke my contact lens (it was April 20 2006), I had an interview in Pelican System, a division of Hotalexhange, and a division of Asia travel. It was a the weirdest company structure. But than they call me back, and they accept me. But the salary there is almost the same from my previous job. So I turn it out, and the even work on saturday. Although the office are absolutely near from my house but it wasn't my first choice, I'm sorry. And btw I'm still focusing on the current project in Elex. Than on tuesday May 4, I gone to Elex. On that day I sign the contact for the project, and they approve our number. Again it was the highest project in elex, but I done the project together with my friend Adi. On Friday May 5, I got another interview in Carla Design. Quite a small but nice company. They call me for interview and after that they call me again at may 9 to toke a test. At the same day on the evening they call me again an accept me for a position as a web designer. And they approve my number. But over the hipe, than I realize that the office is that far from my house, and I done a little calculation if I work there, it will cost me 30 grand each day, and over the the month around 600 grand just for transport and lunch. But considering th number I brought, it will left me with 1.400 grand. Still a great number. I absolutely will take this offer.

Then another call from M-One, a nice not to big company located in Senayan next to Senayan Trade Center, I go there for interview on May 11. And that was the longest interview I ever had. Btw I gave him tis web address, so they might read this blog. On that interview I felt a little bit uncommon in certain way, that I finally in conclusion that I'm not suitable in that office, I don't know why, but my first impression is that. But in Carla, when I red that the office in Pantai Indah Kapuk, and it was locate in shopping are make me wonder, but when I got in, I found that it was not that bad, the office kinda fashionable, at least for the director that interviewed me. So after I finished the interview in M-One. I decide to take the job in Carla. Then at May 11, I gone to Elex again, on there I had another tough and an earth quick. This project in Elex must be done n the next july 30, although it still be along time, but I doubt if I toke the job in Carla, I will finish it on time. Because the office is far and I can't go to Elex if I work there, and I'm not counting Adi to go to Elex, because his office is further then me. There you go a confusion over a month. Then I came to this tupid conclusion (well I hope not). I will turn out (again) working in Carla, and offer them if they can't accept me as a part time job, of I quit before I began. The reason is that I had a contract in Elex, and in Carla I even haven't had a contract. But the thing that disturb me is how can I tell to them. I had promise them that I will work on the next Monday April 15. This is not about the salary anymore, this is about my obligation. I hope I can call Carla and told them about this, I felt that they are most understandable people (I hope).

5 Days

By DwAN on 13-Apr-06 07:00. Comments (2)
re but she slept on the dimming room. The havre is not sm big but we can't all slept without being distributed. We all woke up early go the morning. I became the third person after the groom. Then at ten O'clock we gone to the reseption taken place. I though my sister and her family whose stayed at the motel use their car. I almost wanted to wait them. But eventually I gone with the bus. And I show my sister their when I gone inside the bus. Another story my new bag that I just bought several days ago is broken. The handle is pluged off. Well the reseption is smooth as it should. At the party the bride is sang a song. And the sister me the bride is sang all the way off the party. After the wedding we gone to the cottage then after a little rest we go out to the kuta beach. All the way to the beach we walk. Passing through the kartika plaza street all the way to kuta square. I felt a little different on that street The street look a like those street in west country. Maybe there so many foreigner at the place. After several minutes letter we arrived at kuta beach. The beach is full with local and foreign tourist. I felt it wasn't a nice place as an tourism place. The beach are not that clean either. But at least the wave are a little bit high. I did a little walk with hylmi my nephew and didn't forget to toke some picture. Then after a half me a hour we then continue our walk. We gone back to kuta square where we gone ate at kfc. The restaurant had good view of the kuta square. At that time my other related are good to kuta beach to, but we didn't found then as they parked the bus far from we stayed at the beach. Then after we finished our dinner we good to matahari dept store to found some souvenir. Funny ha, finding souvenirs at matahari. But I bought my souvenirs there. We gone too long their because as usuall I gone round and round too long either. Then after that we gone to the cottage on foot again. But first my sister stop by at traditional market at legian street. After that we gone back for real. The view of kartika plaza street at night are great maybe because the light from the wierd pole in the front of the musro. Or the big screen at discovery mall. Or it just my felling. We took some picture there too. After that we finally reach the cottage. Then we toke a rest.

(April, 11 2006) Today I'm going home to Jakarta. At five pm my train will be leave Kediri. But now I had already felt the sorrow. Maybe this is the last time I stay at Kediri. It because two days from now will be the last day I worked at asp. The company that always send of to gresik for the job. When I went to gresik, at the weekend I gone to Kediri. But if i'm lucky, I will met hylmi and even my parent on the next ied mubarak. But it will six or seven months from now. Sad... I felt the discappone again. But tomorrow I will meet kamila. I will be at Jakarta. I just want to say life is beatiful when you feel the sadness me it.


Entry for March 31, 2006

By DwAN on 31-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (0)

Cruising around Jakarta's street today would be nice, because everybody are home. This is the day when it should be a day off cause tomorrow and yesterday are day off. This morning I almost late to the office cause as usuall I toke too long bath. But because the road are empty, I didn't get late.

2 days ago I came home to Jakarta from Gresik. The plane should take off on 3 pm but it was delayed untill 6 pm. Damn, there are something wrong somewhere cause I didn't know what the caused of that long delayed. Me with my other collega are waiting there on Juanda for about 3 hours. But nevertheless I thankfull that there were nothing wrong out there and until I arrived in Jakarta. This is the first time I took night fly. From the view I got when the plane is take off, the city of Surabaya are beautiful from the sky. It like a dimond sparkling its light, and Jakarta are the same.

Am I? (not an ordanary man)

By DwAN on 22-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (0)

I want to talk about the body products that I use everyday. First the head, it consist of hair, face and mouth. For hair I use 2 products, they are shampoo and hair wax. It might be normal, some man use that kind of product. I use Dove shampoo and Gastby wax for natural bla bla bla. For the mouth, I use three products, the thoot paste, the thooth brush, the mouthwash and the dental floss, actually it's normal but for us living in Indonesia, the majority of the man only use thooth paste and thooth brush. For the mouth products I use Oral-B except for the thooth paste I use pepsodent. Then the face, normal man in Indonesia might use only use facial shoap. But I had 3 products for my face, they are Clean & clear facial shoap, clean & clear anti acne (cause I still had acne), Olay total white (I only use it if my skin face dry) and alcohol 70% (I use it to clean my acne if it pop out, yaiks). For the head I had to many products from the majority of man.

Then the body it self. Most man anly use soap but I use soap, handbody and roll on deodorant. Why on earth I use handbody? It because I had dry skin, to moisturize it I use handbody. For the product I use sometimes Dove or sometime Lifebuoy for the soap, Vaseline intensive care for my body dan Rexona for man roll on. And then because I had skin asthma, I use Locasalane Ointment if I had small scars that leave black spot in my skins. That's it, I wonder am I to vain for a man? But some man I know in Jakarta had planty products for their body to. I just wondering when majority of man in Indonesia only use 3 to 4 products for their body I use 12 products for my body. Does anyone had comment(s) about this?

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