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GSM Tower

By DwAN on 23-Aug-06 00:04. Comments (0)

Those two towers are the same tower, but I shoot them on a different day on august 9 06 and august 10 06. Man, that tower grow fast in a night. The thing is that I didn't agree to build a GSM tower near the neighbour, because it can fall and I knew that there another GSM tower not far from that tower, only 500 meter I supposed. It's damn close yo know! Them you cellular provider. You use my money to build those unacceptable tower.


By DwAN on 29-Apr-06 07:00. Comments (1)

This is my footprint in Kuta Beach, Bali. Ever think about Kuta Beach, you will imagine a quite and nice beach with fantastic view. You're wrong, when I toke the picture, I'm in the time when Kuta Beach is crowded with people. It's so crowded, it just like ants in the sugar. Btw, there it go, my "footprint" :D.

At KFC, Kuta

By DwAN on 29-Apr-06 07:00. Comments (0)

A photo that I took when eating in KFC Kuta. Togather with my naphew and his parent, we ate at second floor of that restaurant. We took the sheat near the window, there were wonderfull view to the Legian street, were many foreigners walk to and from Kuta Beach. The KFC it selft are located at the edge of Legian suaqre at Legian street.

Hylmi Nauval Rabbani

By DwAN on 30-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (0)

This is Hylmi my nephew. He is 3 year old. He live in Kediri with his parents. Kindda stubborn child, but we always love and miss him here in Jakarta. He is the first grandchild for my parent and my first nephew. Curently I had 1 nephew and 1 neace. This picture are taken in taxi on the way to Gambir Train Station. He and my sister are going home to Kediri. A little bit story, he is in sick in that picture, not long after I toke this picture he throw up. It's a nice to have a story on a picture.

Dzihni Kamila Ahadin

By DwAN on 30-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (0)

This is Kamila my niece. She so chubby, and she bald. She look like a boy if she doeasn't waer an earing. Look at her, I always want to pinch her cheek. This photo are taken when she on the backyard sun bathing. She is now 4 month old, I haven't see her aver a month and she getting chubby everytime I saw her. In my family line, all baby are always chubby. But after we are not a baby anymore, we are all slim.

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