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Between The Sense

By DwAN on 14-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (1)

...I'm breaking inside. I'm waiting, wait for my time to come...

A little bit of lyrics from Haven-Between the Sense, great band with slow and too slow bit. Well that's what Exactly what I'm feeling now. Slow and too slow. I'm in between the sense. This morning, I had this tough, another same though about breaking my promise. Man, could I get through with this with the end kept my promise outside and grumble inside. Or I could break the promise with a releave feeling. I haven't talk to anyone about this (or at least untill some one read this). I WANT TO QUIT MY JOB AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

I'm (not) Feeling Lucky?

By DwAN on 14-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (0)

This morning I woke up at 03:30 PM, I found my computer on again. The night before I'm to overclock my computer and because the BIOS is still error I can't clear the jumper. But something look different when I check my RAM from my computer properties (from Windows). It tell 138 MB -what the hell- I know that I had 256 MB RAM and why Windows and even the BIOS only read 128 MB. I guess one of my RAM is broken.

I cooked pasto -an instant pasta- before I gone to bath, the pasta is still hard. But I ate it, even.

Then when I almost finish bath, my sister called me because the taxi had come. I quickly finish my bath and prepare my bath stuff because today I went to Gresik.

When I was on the taxi on Kebon Jeruk toll road, there was a truck that had a flat tire, your know that truck had 2 tire in back, and for that truck the two tire flat together, cousing a big noises (I though it was the taxi that had the flat tire).

When I had came to airport, I realize that I was too early. 1,5 hours early. But I didn't forgot to pray, thanks to my mother that remind me before.

At the aircraft. When we almost landing, I get the feeling there is something wrong because the aircraft began accelerated before it reach the airport. And right when the aircraft on top of the airport it still to high, so the pilot began to even more accelerated the aircraft. Now the aircraft had to round again to get landing. But luckly it only a small technique problem for the pilot. When the aircraft try to round to landing, the stewarder kept said "Please stay on your seat". But I know noone stand up (at least the first 9th row).

If you tell me, are you feeling lucky? I would answer YES

The 6th Series

By DwAN on 09-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (0)

Last night I'm in the rush, in the rush to finish my read. A read for Harry Potter book the 6th. And I tough it only left 3 more chapter, but soon I realize there are 6 chapter left. But because I'm in the rush, the rust to finished read Harry Potter the 6th book, I force myself reading that untill it was 24:00 at the night when I finished read all. And something happens at that story, as I reach the end of the chapter the story become more sad, I almost cried and it ended like the unfinished story. Everything looks sad on that story. But it was perfect story to let me waiting for the 7th series come maybe next year. Everything went not like that I supposed to guess. I'm still felt the sadnest, I guess I'm to in to the story. But I had a hint that Harry Potter story will end at the 7th series. Hope I still here to read that.

By DwAN on 09-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (1)

The unfinished blog on are now had the 1/3 of my Yahoo 360, soon I will move all my story to then I will redesign that site because the slow update from me. My design are quite simple but it kinda old. So if I had time I would redesign me web.

Over Anxiety Part Two

By DwAN on 02-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (34)

This is my over anxiety part two. Recently, aroung 2003 a new strain of flu is spread. They called it bird flu, because it was found int the bird and now it contaminated human. On 2003, 2004 and 2005 I was not that anxiety with the newst of the spreaded bird flu in Indonesia, but the recent news make me, first felt anxiety and everyday became mo anxiety.

You knew that I had Beo Bird in my house. We called him Bento. A little story about him. He was a beo bird from Flores, an island in NTT. My father bought him when he was days age in 1996/1997. He bought 2 beo bird, the other me called her Memo. They was to small, and every day we always feed them with small spoon. They eat rice and chilli. Remembered that day always made me smile. When we feed them, accosionally the almost swollow the spon. We keep them, but when we moved from Kupang to Jakarta. We almost can't borrow him because some something, but my father take care of them. To bought them my father gave some money to airport officer and made some id for them.

Bento and Memo had an Id, so they was legal to carry them overseas. Them came my causin (I forgot his name), he took memo from us. I disagree with that, because they were couple or maybe brother and sister. But wath can I do, I hope we can visit Memo in Tanjung Duren where my causin kept her. A year is past by and one they Memo was kidnaped and we never see her again. So it only left Bento in our house.

Returned to my anxiety. Recently, four days ago. There were big massacre of bird to prevent the spreading of the bird flu. On of the area is Jakarta, tough there was only one massacre in West Jakarta, in Meruya Ilir and it not far from Srengseng, and it run in 3 days. I was in Gresik in Friday and in Kediri on Saturday and Sunday. On that days I was so over anxiety that I was phoned my sister in Jakarta and thinked Bento everyday. And I was so releave when the three days pass by. Bento still OK. But this morning I became over anxiety again with the news about massacre of bird that our goverment planed to continued this massacre for 3 years. It was a very long time, I hope he pass this 3 years. I always pray for his safety.

The fact that made me disagree with the massacre of birds is that bird flu are not jump right to human, it need some carier. The only carier than can be infected with this flu is pig. I don't know if there were other animal. But the scientist said only pig that be infaced with human flu and bird flu, in the pig body the virus mutated so it can attack human and bird.

I still beliaves that it wasn't the only solution to prevent the spread. Because before bird flu there were SPanish Flu and SARS, both of them are the mutation of influenza virus that we can found in bird. The Spanish Flu were spread on 1978 (I thing), in it killed more than 4 million people in the world. The SARS were spread around 2000, and it killed around 300.000 people. And than the bird flu, although it didn't killed that dramatic number be we afraid of the spreading. For this time although I knew there were vactin for bird to prevent the bird flu, I hope soon the spreading of the bird flu will gone. I'm praying for safe of Bento and all Bird and Human Kind.

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