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By DwAN on 29-Apr-06 07:00. Comments (1)

This is my footprint in Kuta Beach, Bali. Ever think about Kuta Beach, you will imagine a quite and nice beach with fantastic view. You're wrong, when I toke the picture, I'm in the time when Kuta Beach is crowded with people. It's so crowded, it just like ants in the sugar. Btw, there it go, my "footprint" :D.

At KFC, Kuta

By DwAN on 29-Apr-06 07:00. Comments (0)

A photo that I took when eating in KFC Kuta. Togather with my naphew and his parent, we ate at second floor of that restaurant. We took the sheat near the window, there were wonderfull view to the Legian street, were many foreigners walk to and from Kuta Beach. The KFC it selft are located at the edge of Legian suaqre at Legian street.

5 Days

By DwAN on 13-Apr-06 07:00. Comments (2)
re but she slept on the dimming room. The havre is not sm big but we can't all slept without being distributed. We all woke up early go the morning. I became the third person after the groom. Then at ten O'clock we gone to the reseption taken place. I though my sister and her family whose stayed at the motel use their car. I almost wanted to wait them. But eventually I gone with the bus. And I show my sister their when I gone inside the bus. Another story my new bag that I just bought several days ago is broken. The handle is pluged off. Well the reseption is smooth as it should. At the party the bride is sang a song. And the sister me the bride is sang all the way off the party. After the wedding we gone to the cottage then after a little rest we go out to the kuta beach. All the way to the beach we walk. Passing through the kartika plaza street all the way to kuta square. I felt a little different on that street The street look a like those street in west country. Maybe there so many foreigner at the place. After several minutes letter we arrived at kuta beach. The beach is full with local and foreign tourist. I felt it wasn't a nice place as an tourism place. The beach are not that clean either. But at least the wave are a little bit high. I did a little walk with hylmi my nephew and didn't forget to toke some picture. Then after a half me a hour we then continue our walk. We gone back to kuta square where we gone ate at kfc. The restaurant had good view of the kuta square. At that time my other related are good to kuta beach to, but we didn't found then as they parked the bus far from we stayed at the beach. Then after we finished our dinner we good to matahari dept store to found some souvenir. Funny ha, finding souvenirs at matahari. But I bought my souvenirs there. We gone too long their because as usuall I gone round and round too long either. Then after that we gone to the cottage on foot again. But first my sister stop by at traditional market at legian street. After that we gone back for real. The view of kartika plaza street at night are great maybe because the light from the wierd pole in the front of the musro. Or the big screen at discovery mall. Or it just my felling. We took some picture there too. After that we finally reach the cottage. Then we toke a rest.

(April, 11 2006) Today I'm going home to Jakarta. At five pm my train will be leave Kediri. But now I had already felt the sorrow. Maybe this is the last time I stay at Kediri. It because two days from now will be the last day I worked at asp. The company that always send of to gresik for the job. When I went to gresik, at the weekend I gone to Kediri. But if i'm lucky, I will met hylmi and even my parent on the next ied mubarak. But it will six or seven months from now. Sad... I felt the discappone again. But tomorrow I will meet kamila. I will be at Jakarta. I just want to say life is beatiful when you feel the sadness me it.


Entry for March 31, 2006

By DwAN on 31-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (0)

Cruising around Jakarta's street today would be nice, because everybody are home. This is the day when it should be a day off cause tomorrow and yesterday are day off. This morning I almost late to the office cause as usuall I toke too long bath. But because the road are empty, I didn't get late.

2 days ago I came home to Jakarta from Gresik. The plane should take off on 3 pm but it was delayed untill 6 pm. Damn, there are something wrong somewhere cause I didn't know what the caused of that long delayed. Me with my other collega are waiting there on Juanda for about 3 hours. But nevertheless I thankfull that there were nothing wrong out there and until I arrived in Jakarta. This is the first time I took night fly. From the view I got when the plane is take off, the city of Surabaya are beautiful from the sky. It like a dimond sparkling its light, and Jakarta are the same.

Hylmi Nauval Rabbani

By DwAN on 30-Mar-06 07:00. Comments (0)

This is Hylmi my nephew. He is 3 year old. He live in Kediri with his parents. Kindda stubborn child, but we always love and miss him here in Jakarta. He is the first grandchild for my parent and my first nephew. Curently I had 1 nephew and 1 neace. This picture are taken in taxi on the way to Gambir Train Station. He and my sister are going home to Kediri. A little bit story, he is in sick in that picture, not long after I toke this picture he throw up. It's a nice to have a story on a picture.

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