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Plurk vs Twitter vs Facebook Status vs Google Buzz

By DwAN on 19-Feb-10 23:36. Comments (15)
  Plurk Twitter Facebook Status
Google Buzz
Microblogging Yes Yes Sort Of Sort Of
Status update
Status update from my friend that I need Yes No No No
Status update from famous peaople that I need
Sort Of Yes Yes No
Rewarding system
No No
Emoticons Yes
No No
Timeline Yes Sort Of Sort Of Sort Of
Themeing system Yes Yes No No
Friends List Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fans List Yes Yes No No
I want to be famous so I join it No Yes No No
!(I don't know why I join it) a.k.a I know why I join it
Yes Yes Yes
All my friends and all the cool people I (wish to) know used it Yes Yes Yes No
I voluntary join it Yes Yes No No
I join it so I can write what ever I want Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comment on someone post Yes Sort Of Yes Yes
Comments are threaded so I  don't litter someone else page with something they ddin't need Yes No Yes Yes
Alay Free Sort Of No No Yes
I can silently not recieve someone post eventhough he/she is on my friend list Yes No No No
Need special attentions Yes No No No
Private update Yes No No No
In the end, I wish everyone use this instade other services Yes No No No
I'm using it
Yes Yes



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OMG, gilak udah banyak juga yach hasil postinganku, kira-kira bisa jadi buku gak?

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